Street Spirit Cash Loans


Are you blacklisted and in need of a quick fix financial loan that can sort out your financial setbacks within 30 minutes? Street Spirit Loans is the right place to do; the financial firm offers financial solutions to people that are in need of assistance.

With Street Spirit Cash Loans, clients get unsecured short term loans, the firm has specialized staff that can structure a loan that best suits your needs. The fact that the loans are unsecure means that there are no ITC checks to be conducted; the firm will respond to an application within two hours upon making an application. The response will inform the applicant as to whether or not the application has been successful.

What’s required when applying for a loan at Street Spirit Cash Loans?

  • A 3 months bank statement
  • Your most recent payslip
  • Green bar-coded ID book
  • You must be earning a minimum salary of R2100

Applications can either be done online or by simply visiting the creditor’s offices at 632 Louis Botha Ave Bramley.


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