SA Multi Loans


Being part of a financial services provider whose business footprints are found in every corner of South Africa is an important characteristic for existing and potential clients who are able to physically access the firm without any inconveniences.

SA Multi Loans is one such institution with more than 150 bridge loan branches in South Africa. A client’s credit history has no impact thus anyone blacklisted should apply for this loan facility; such a measure by SA Multi Loans gives blacklisted clients an opportunity to rectify their credit history after having failed to do that in the past.

The micro creditor offers clients with loans of up to R20 00 and clients can apply for loans starting from R500 to R15 000 today and get approval within 48 hours and this does not exclude blacklisted people.

What you need to send when applying for an SA Multi Loan:

  • Latest copy of payslip
  • Latest three months bank statement
  • SA ID copy
  • Provide the company name and contact you are working for
  • Your cell phone number

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