Qwiek Loans


If you’re suddenly confronted by unexpected expenses like a new washing machine, medical costs or school fees, and you need cash quickly, Qwiek Loans can help.

Qwiek Loans is a country-wide brokerage, helping South Africans to access personal loans of up to R150 000. (Note: All the lending institutions Qwiek obtain loans through are registered with the NCR.)

Having been in the lending industry for over 25 years and having earned a reputation as one of South Africa’s most trusted and professional lending brokerages, Qwiek are able to help you with a tailor-made loan at highly competitive interest rates.

Even if you’ve been blacklisted, Qwiek can provide you with credit to help see you through the tough times.

Here are the qualifying criteria for a Qwiek loan:

  • All applicants need to be over the age of 18, must be permanently employed (and must have been employed for at least three continuous months), earn a salary of at least R2 000 per month and be South African citizens
  • Accompanying bank statements showing salary deposits are also required, as is proof of the applicant’s residence.

Applicants can apply via the website by completing a simple form or phone the Qweik call centre. Once all the information is processed and assessed by the team at Qwiek Loans, applicants will be contacted shortly thereafter with a decision as to whether they qualify for a loan. If approved, the loan agreement will be drawn up within a few days and the cash deposited into the applicant’s bank account.


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