Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa

Best Paying Jobs in South Africa. We all wish to have really high paid jobs so that we may fulfill our needs and desires without any care. Education is an important factor when it comes to earning potential. Having a degree, or even better, a post graduate degree allows easier entry into the above-average salary range. Once in the field, promotions depend on the quality of work that a candidate is providing. So what are the highest paying jobs in South Africa?

Petroleum engineers: The field is intense and requires a lot of dedication towards work. A candidate as such should have obtained a Masters Degree, to enjoy a revised salary on a yearly basis. The average amount that someone can earn in this profession is R572 600 per annum.

Air Traffic Controllers: This occupation often requires prior experience, and a candidate needs to have a lot of devotion to his/her work. Most companies offer a pay around R583 450 per annum for such an occupation.

Computer and Information Systems Managers: If you’re an IT (Information Technology) or computer guru. Then this is for you. If a candidate has basic four to five years of experience, he/she can start at a salary package of R587 230 per annum.

Lawyers: All parents want their children to be lawyers, and with reason. The starting salary package of a lawyer can vary from R643 440 to R665 000 per annum. If a candidate has been practicing for three to four years, he/she can easily work under a reputable and well-recognised firm.

Airline pilots and flight engineers: People in this field spend a lot of time in education and training, but the years are worth the wait. Once a candidate has completed training and education, he/she can easily start with a post of a minimum salary package of R695 800 per annum.

Highest Paying Jobs

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