Finance 27 loans


Gone are the days when getting a loan or financemeant long queues and extensive paperwork to receive cash in your pocket. These daysreceiving money fast and now is possible with Finance 27, an online credit solution that provides instant loans for your short term financial worries.

Even for those with bad credit rating who often opt to use expensive lending options. There’s hope yet as Finance 27 loans will consider your application after a credit check on your name and a financial needs analysis determines that you can still repay the loan.

Every so often we need a cash booster whether towards our bond payments, credit card, motor or student loans. Banks aren’t always willing to assist and in most cases the rule of thumb is trying not to obtain credit or financefrom family or friends therefore online lending might just be the next best thing.

And it’s easy as 1, 2, 3,once you’ve logged onto the Finance 27 website you choose your loan by clicking on the scroll option of how much you want to borrow, fill in the information in the box about your next payday, as well as your South African ID and receive an answer instantly.

Step 2 say a bit about yourself by completing the online application form with banking details, and employer details, expenses,physical address, contactsand income.

Step 3 receive your cash, borrowers can receive R500 and up to R3000 on their loans and payment at a service fee of R57 will ensure the money would be available in your account immediately. Payment is made on the same day the loan is approved with 24 hours for money to reflect in the account.


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