Edgars Personal Loan


The Edgars Personal Loan is an ideal solution for giving you money to spend on things you like. You can also use it for a family emergency or paying for an unexpected medical bill. Fortunately nowadays in South Africa you don’t only have to rely on banks to be able to get a personal loan. With the advent of the amended National Credit Act there are more opportunities for individuals to get access to cash. This has essentially opened up the market for various lenders to provide easy access to cash. Retail outlets have also developed new services within their financial divisions to cater to the needs of individuals seeking finance.

Edgars is a trusted retail giant known for providing quality products at the most affordable prices. This institution is driven by the need to offer its clients the absolute best. Through its financial services division, it provides clients with personal loan options designed to help them meet their financial needs.

With a fixed interest rate, these loans come with consistent monthly repayments throughout the loan period. This is beneficial for you as a client because you are assured that your instalment doesn’t get affected by fluctuations in the prime interest rate. Edgars is an authorised financial services provider and promotes responsible lending processes. For this reason, the institution ensures that there are no penalties charged for early settlement. The sooner loans are settled, the better.

With a good repayment rating, clients are offered the opportunity to apply for a top up loan after 6 months.

When you are approved for an Edgars Personal Loan you are given a R250 voucher to spend at any Edgars store. You are free to use this voucher on anything you like at any Edgars store nationwide.

For more information about the Edgars Personal Loan, visit their website: www.edgars.co.za


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