Bayport Financial Services – The Future of Loan Solutions


Established ten years ago in 2014, Bayport Financial Services is dedicated to providing a wide range of financial solutions.
Bayport Finance is a leading financial solutions provider and has a suite of tailor-made loan options for its clients that include personal loans, home loans, loans for the consolidation of debts, or loan for study purposes.

These loans are subject to a maximum of R100, 000 and with Bayport’s personalised service the application process, by telephone or e-mail, couldn’t be any simpler. After completing the application form, approval, or otherwise, is made within a few days. Thereafter customers are required to provide three month’s bank statements, a copy of their recent payslip and a copy of their ID document.

The monthly payment of a loan is made up of the instalment relating to the loan, plus the interest and the Credit Life premium (this is a compulsory policy to cover the outstanding loan value in the event of the death, permanent disability, or retrenchment of the loan holder), and a small admin fee.
Interest rates are fixed throughout the repayment period of the loan and repayment is made by means of month a debit order operating on your bank account.
Bayport Financial Services offers personal and professional advice to their customers, ensuring that they’re well informed and clearly understand the financial implications of any loan option they may decide to apply for.

So if you’re trying to consolidate your debts, building or renovating a home, or require funds to further your studies, a Bayport personal loan is the perfect solution.


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